Everything’s ready for Fuorisalone with Cianciullo Marmi

Fuorisalone 2018: a can’t-miss appointment in Milan

We are coming soon to Milan, for one of Italy’s most eagerly-awaited appointments: Fuorisalone ( Also known as “Fuori Salone,” it is the annual event held alongside Salone del Mobile, on the occasion of Milano Design Week (or simply “Design Week”) – one of the world’s most important events in the sector of industrial design, particularly in furnishing. Come for a visit and join us to discover the magic of natural stones…

WHEN | From 17 to 22 April 2018
WHERE | Officina 22, Foro Buonaparte, Brera Design District

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Cianciullo Marmi: showing at Fuorisalone and HospitalitySud

Two can’t-miss appointments, between Milan and Salerno.
Once again this year, between Southern and Northern Italy, we’ll be at the most important appointments dedicated to the world of furniture and hotel facilities.

Discover our exhibition spaces …

Salerno, 21-22 March 2018

Just a little over a month until Central/Southern Italy’s long-awaited – and unique – appointment dedicated to supplies and services for hotels and other hospitality facilities. HospitalitySud, the event involving all operators in the HoReCa world, will be held Wednesday21 and Thursday 22 march, at Salerno’s Stazione Marittima.

We’ll be there among the exhibitors there: look for us also at

We look forward to seeing you!

Milan, 17 to 21 April 2018

April will see the return of one of Italy’s most long-awaited events, Milan’s Salone del Mobile.

And we’ll also be at Fuorisalone, from Tuesday 17 to Saturday 21 April, along with Confindustria Salerno’s Design Tessile Sistema Casa (Design, Textile, Home System) group, to promote the businesses and young designers that competed in the “Young factory design” Contest.

In the dedicated space in the Brera Design District (Lanza – Foro Buonaparte, Ground Floor), we’ll also be welcoming participants interested in learning more about our offers and initiatives.

The Milan event, then, is an opportunity to meet the winners of the contest’s second edition, and to learn about everything new in the Cianciullo Marmi universe.

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The Ancient Magic of Natural Stone

Cianciullo Marmi, magic takes shape…
Read this to the very end: there’s a surprise just for you

If you follow us already, or if you are a Natural Stone enthusiast… This exclusive content is dedicated to you. Discover the Magic

Cianciullo Marmi, proud to be italians

Did you know? Italy is number four in the world’s marble Big Players list. It has been exposed by Marmo News’s article, published on 10 May 2017

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  • Travertine 1
  • Travertine 2

Travertine extracted from the Tivoli quarries

The “true” Travertine, extracted from the famous Tivoli quarries, is a material of excellent aesthetic qualities, used for works of great importance both in Italy and abroad.
Travertine is easy to maintain, unalterable over time, has excellent resistance to external agents and also due to its porosity, it can be customized using different cement colors

  • 22cianciullo
  • Мраморный дизайн интерьера Интернационализация
  • Мраморный дизайн интерьера Интернационализация
  • Мраморный дизайн интерьера Интернационализация


After France, the United Kingdom, Slovenia, Austria, Moldova and Montenegro, Cianciullo Marmi “lands” in the regions of Samara, Russia, with an important logistics-business partnership in the interior design sector and in light and heavy construction sector.
Some images of the city will be Samara, the venue that will host the partnership and CEO Francesco Cardone

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Interview with Petra Zakrajšek Ceo of Gao Architect

Petra Zakrajšek Ceo of Gao Architect “Each new project is a challenge, leading me to create a striking image using furniture, colour, texture and materials, with new concepts of space and light”

Welcome to our web site rubric that usually hosts architects and opinion leader of Habitat & Design.

What does it mean to be entrepreneurs in Lubjana and what the differences with doing business in Italy.

Being entrepeneurs in Ljubljana means that you have to work your way up and build your brand slowly,taking care of all aspects of your small business and the most important part of course, is the satisfaction of the clients. Thats makes you grow and it is a base. At least it was for my company. The added value is a modern aproach to marketing. That, in my case, is very personal.

I would imagine the difference between Slovenia and Italy is that Italy has a much bigger and more developed market ,with a long and rich history of interior design. In Slovenia,we are still learning……

From its observatory how do you see the future of Design?

I think that design will again become much warmer and cozy ,involving all of the human senses. Especially, the home will become a place  where people feel safe and beautiful. On the other hand, industrial design will still continue to be less personal , so the gap between theese two aspects will grow.

What should an entrepreneur do today to be competitive in the Habitat & Design industry?

You have to learn and inform yourself every single day. Not just in the field of design, because this is too narrow, you have to be curious about everything in life, especially art. Art is a reflection of our current society.

At the last salon in Mobile in Milan we noticed a revival of the industry with a fundamental passage in the design area towards the Materico leaving behind a minimalism that has run out. What do you think?

I am impressed and happy about it. It is a sign of art coming back to nature and also the human kind understanding that relations between people are the biggest treasure of ours and that there is no room for minimalism. For me personally, interior design is like a river of life.

Which projects are you currently devoting to?

We just finished with designing show flats for a big Slovenian developer Prva hiša , we are slowly finishing with implementation works for two Penthouses in Situla and doing three different refurbishments of private houses and a duplex flat.

Talking about the future, what role does digital communication play in the design world today?

It is a big role, but I don’t think interior design can ever be totally replaced by digital communication, because it is still a lot about feelings and a personal approach to the clients . I think that personal charisma and determination of an interior designer, are both so important throughout the whole  process of designing, construction and furnishing. It is our mission, and in the end, the only possible way, that both ,the client and the interior designer are happy with the end results.

The last question is about the future of young entrepreneurs. What are your thoughts on this?

My biggest wish is to design interior abroad. To expand my work in Europe and learn from people with different mentalities and cultures. It is a creative process and I am learning so much from my clients. I want to  expand my horizons  internationally.




We continue our journey inspired by the creativity of the arch.Diego Granese.
The beauty of natural stone coupled with the Mediterranean flavors and the chef’s excellence of the Costa Cilento Team, has created these new products of which we are particularly proud of
We tried to involve all the senses: taste, sight, touch, smell.

For the hearing we entrust ourselves to the waves of our Mediterranean, he will think of him to complete our work!

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